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List Of Best Online Gambling Websites With Rankings And Reviews

The giant online gambling site and popular all over the world serves at its best. It allows its players to gamble in the various games like poker, sports, and games of a casino. It is more trusted due to its participation in the sponsorship of West Ham United, a well known professional football club, also known as The Hammers, based in Stratford, East London, England. You can find the name of this website on the jerseys of players of that club. Betway offers its players a pretty bonus of 100% up to $30.

Another popular place that provides online gambling to its players for several games like sports, poker and games of casino such roulette and blackjack. Here, you can avail a bonus of 100% up to $200.

Being ranked among the popular online gambling sites, Titanbet is suitable for the players who are fond of gambling in the games like slot games, blackjack, roulette, poker and sports. It offers a bonus as rewards of 100% up to $100.

It is not a place for poker lovers. The 888 casino is suitable for the people who love to gamble of various games except poker. This online gambling website offers you to get the bonus of 100% of up to $200.

At the bottom of our list, lies Europa Casino. This website is only for the group of people who love to bet on games of casino like roulette, slot games and blackjack. In addition to this, it is offering 100% bonus of up to $100.

Reasons To Gamble Online

Anything that online has an exceptional advantage to perform what you want sitting at your favorite place. Unlike casinos, you do not need to travel a quite long distance in search of the casino having the game you are interested of; you can easily have the fun of gambling online lying on your couch.

Here, it is important to think twice about your safety, as you are going to risk your valuable money.

Some online gambling sites strictly abide the rules and security standards. For the purpose of security in every aspect, they have to use 128-bit encryption. And moreover, they have to strictly follow the security standards. These websites are supposed to ensure that the information of its user is kept safe.

Finally, all you need to do is select the website that is suitable for you, register yourself and start gambling!

Are you planning on traveling to France this year to watch England play, well if you’ve been reading the news recently you will see that there has been an awful lot of travel disruption on the ground and above it with flights getting delayed on a daily basis this can be such a pain in the backside especially when you’re only flying such a short distance. Fortunately you can be covered by companies such as Flight Delay Compensation – You Could Be Owed £600 Who actually go out and do all of the hard work for you whether you’ve tried before and failed to claim back off the airlines or if you haven’t even put in a claim yet and just cant be bothered to do it they will help you get back any money owed from flight delay compensation laws set by the European Union.

The whole process is pretty simple and very hands off, all it involved for us when we claimed flight delay compensation was a brief phone call with one of their “specialists” who ran us through everything we needed to provide such as details on the flight we took, in fact we didnt even need that they even said to us if we didnt have the flight details on hand that we dont need to worry as they have access to all of the flight records of planes flying from inside the EU. There were only a few important things that really stopped anyone from claiming and that is:

  1. your flight needs to of departed from an EU country, if you have flown from a country that is outside EU boarders then you will not be able to claim against the airline as there is now law out there saying the need to depart on time.
  2. The flight that was delayed must of been delayed for longer than 3 hours and you will not be able to claim back any money if they arranged another flight for you to depart on instead of the original one as long as it was within a 3 hour time frame.
  3. The flight that you were delayed on must of been within the last 6 years, if it falls outside of that then you wont be able to claim back any money what so ever.

And there you have it, its a pretty easy process and if you’ve got a bit of knowledge on flight delay compensation claims then it may be worth doing it yourself and saving yourself some pennies but for the mean time they’re a great company to use.

A popular saying suggests people ‘never let your emotions overpower your intelligence’. This is truer in the case of gamblers. They should know how to control their emotions. When they go behind losses as against thinking about the future profits, they will never be in a position to gain from the bets, even when they choose to bet at the best betting websites. Emotion is actually stated to be a strong feeling that is obtained from the situation, relationship or mood of an individual. Of course, the situation in gambling sites can cause frustration when the losses continue to evade. But, successful gamblers are those, who are not actually carried away by emotions.

Who is your enemy when gambling?

Do you know that when you are betting at the best betting sites, your very enemy can be yourself without any doubt? Yes, if you do not have the right mental attitude before getting into the betting field, then you are already under loss. In such a case, you will not get any other experience other than bruised experience, and you will start to think what went wrong with you.

Everything starts off well:

When some gamblers continue to succeed in the betting arena, some state that everything started off well, but after the initial few months of continuous loss and failures, patience starts to expire and greed took over. Some of them state that they are going behind the losses. Even, some bettors feel that discipline starts to become erratic as soon as one or two rounds of betting is missed or ignored.

How to protect yourself?

Now as you have decided to bet at the best betting sites, the question you might have in your mind is how to avoid the above-mentioned things from affecting you. The best thing you should do is to keep your emotions under check. Besides these things, you should spend some hours in calculating a statistically efficient betting system, and you should also make a resolution that before starting your betting, you should have a right plan in mind every time.

The ideal thing here is to become totally unemotional about your play, or you should try to be in a position, where you can completely control your emotions to a stage, where it will not force you to lose money and opportunities. Remember not to get attached to the same team when you place bets just because you love the team. It can be a great idea to bet on teams, in which you do not have any emotional attachments. When you do this, you will not have any heart palpitations that the emotionally attached team should win, so that they can help you win the bet.

Besides these things, when betting at the best betting sites, you should be careful about watching your enemies with you. They are inadequate preparations before placing a bet, lack of self-discipline and faulty implementation of your plan.

There are many different betting strategies that are currently available on the internet however the problem is for anyone that wants to do this on the cheap side they do require some considerable investment on your behalf which we know thats not what everyone wants to do especially if they’re on a tight budget thats why you need to use a betting strategy that incorporates free bet offers into it as this will allow you to win some money without actually having to invest any of your own which in reality this is what everyone wants to really do.

Free bet offers are a great way of turning money out of thin air, you’ll want to try and find no deposit bonuses that dont require you to lock in any of your cash in order to really do this on the cheap. There are some offers that do require you to make a small deposit but for any beginners out there we wouldn’t advise doing this unless they were comfortable making correct guesses on sporting markets. However if this isnt you and you still want to take advantage of these bonuses then you can take a look at finding a good betting tipster who will provide you with betting tips.

Once you’ve signed up to all of the accounts on the site that we have listed above you may want to check out some of the other systems which dont require free bets as this will then teach you how to make money without having to consistently create new accounts which essentially teaches you how to become a good bettor which at the end of the day everyone wants.

So make sure you claim your free bet offers today and get your gambling career off to a flying start.

Here at Away End we enjoy a spot of betting, lets face it gambling and football go together like two peas in a pod. There are always new and interesting betting sites that customers can sign up to and one of these in Sky Bet. Everyone has heard of Sky thanks to the media company that currently runs sky news, sky sports and many other features. Well they’ve moved into the online gambling world and give customers the chance to claim a £20 free bet from just one small deposit. All you need to do is enter in the Sky Bet Promo Code that you find on that site and make your first deposit of a minimum amount of a fiver.

Once you have placed your first bet on your favourite sports market you’ll be given a £20 free bet from Sky themselves. This can be used on any of your favourite markets and you can withdraw any of your winnings the moment your first bonus bet has been turned over.

This is a great bookmakers for all types of customers whether you’re a big bettor or a small stakes kind of person Sky Bet is the bookies for you. Once you have made your first bet the fun doesn’t stop their for every £25 that you deposit  and stake in your betting account you will get another £5 free bet on a weekly basis as long as you keep depositing and wagering the minimum of £25. There aren’t many other betting sites that reward their loyal customers quite like this and thats not it they have other great promotions like best odds guaranteed which always gives you the best prices on the horses meaning you’ll always be paid out if the odds end up higher than the price that you previously backed it at.